Monday, January 24, 2011


for lunch today, i went to shizenya, an organic brown rice sushi place downtown (vancouver) on hornby. what is especially awesome is they have a no-rice roll! to be a complete raw nerd, i brought some of my raw nori and asked if they could use that for the 'organic greens roll' (avocado, mango, cucumber, bell pepper, sprouts, spring mix lettuce). 
isn't it beautiful?
i'm hoping that maybe they'll start using the raw nori so they can have one completely raw and vegan item on their menu as, well, it's great having options! and this restaurant is really great. with lots of vegan options too! (nothing worse than only being able to order a kappa roll when going out for sushi with friends!) they just opened up about a year ago and they are doing the sushi thing RIGHT. and everyone i have brought here loves it!

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