Wednesday, December 22, 2010

raw in the winter...

i guess i've eaten a little more cooked food now that it's getting colder but i still prefer the raw foods!

gabriel cousens had a post on his site today about eating raw in the winter and here are some tips from the post:

*most warming foods are ginger, cayenne pepper and other hot peppers
*other warming foods include tomatoes, radishes, beets, carrots, daikon, herbs like black pepper and cumin
*soaked, raw grains can be warming in the winter (ex. sprouted quinoa, buckwheat)
*food can be heated slightly and still be considered living - dr. cousens recommends that food can be warmed up to approx. 115 degrees. you can heat up live soups, especially tomato and miso soups (organic lives now has a sprouted chickpea miso! YES!) as well as heating vegetables with some herbs and/or oil
*exercise increases circulation and contributes to body warmth, as does dry skin brushing
*infrared sauna (yyoga flow!) increases circulation and detoxification
*engaging in fast-paced pranayama, or breathing exercises, is also invigorating

so far, so good! i'm so happy the start of winter has been mild. but i'm heading to korea again in a week... so we'll see how that goes!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

mon amie smoo thie

the other night i made the most delicious thing... and today i made it again but put it in a bowl as i didn't have a glass big enough...
this is, as patrick cleverly named, the 'mon amie' smoothie:
frozen persimMON
alMONd milk


oh, i put coconut on top in this bowl setting as it was kinda confusing to me eating out of a bowl. like it was icy pudding?