Monday, March 28, 2011

soup and sandwiches and... pad thai

so the other day, i tried to make soup again.. this time it was too salty. 
 but then i made ice cream out of frozen bananas (with cacao macaroons on the side) to make it all better!
 but really the best lunch is a sandwich using whatever veggies on hand, brazil nut and nacho "cheeses" on the juice pulp/flax dehydrator bread!
 i have to start using the recipe books i have! i've started looking through ani phyo's raw food essentials and did kelp noodles with pistachio avocado pesto. so creamy and great!!!
 had cashew creamery's cacao chip mint ice cream spread into a cacao coconut frozen crust for dessert.
 i put too much coconut oil in the crust but it was super fun to eat! like dq ice cream cake. sort of.
 ok and then i tried soup AGAIN. this one wasn't a total bust! and paul actually ate it all... with lots of nutritional yeast of course. this one was inspired by ani's kream of broccoli (page 138) but i didn't add the red pepper kream on top and i used brazil nuts instead of cashews. simple, green and good!
 ooh but the real hit... the pad thai with kelp noodles! (page 227) wish i added crushed nuts of some sort on top or cauliflower or something to look more pad thai-ish. but the cilantro and lime and bit of jalapeno glow... yum!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

organic connections cafe

last sunday, i was super excited and lucky to get to white rock to check out organic connections cafe.

they are a mostly raw, all vegan cafe overlooking the water and eek, it was great!

here is the menu:

i had the banana ice cream sundae first!

then all 3 of us ordered the burger! i had it with the side salad with dijon dressing (DELICIOUS) and my favourite boys had soups. 

 had to have dessert again after lunch... the blueberry cheesecake! and check out the "just eat an apple" magazines from 2002/3... wish it was still around now!
can't wait to go back! though it'd take almost 2 hours to get there on transit if i were to try! but it'd be worth it!

easy bread!

i've been juicing a bit more than usual lately and i've started using the leftover pulp! hurrah! i save the carrot, parsley, beet, whatever scraps and then mix with soaked ground flax and some whole flax and add some sprouted chickpea miso or spices or something (though i'm not convinced it needs anything) and then spread it onto some teflex sheets for 1/2 a day then flip it onto the mesh and finish it off in 1/2 a day or less! it's been the best! especially with some brazil nut cheese or nut butter or mashed up avocado. and whatever veggies. YES!

Monday, March 7, 2011

bananas and chocolate!

i don't know what i would do without bananas. frozen for smoothies, smushed up with cacao bits and coconut for a snack, fruit on the run... they are just the best!

tonight paul was saying he wished he could dip his banana in chocolate, so, grateful for the inspiration, i started throwing things into the vitamix.

i put about 4 spoons of cacao powder, a heaping spoon of coconut oil, a heaping spoon of almond butter, a few hunza dates, a number of splashes of almond milk (had to keep adding because there wasn't really enough in the blender to mix things around - as it were, there are still some chunks of dates).... anyways... it was so good and i'm convinced this is my raw chocolate pudding recipe. and i'm definitely going to start making it on the regular!