Monday, March 28, 2011

soup and sandwiches and... pad thai

so the other day, i tried to make soup again.. this time it was too salty. 
 but then i made ice cream out of frozen bananas (with cacao macaroons on the side) to make it all better!
 but really the best lunch is a sandwich using whatever veggies on hand, brazil nut and nacho "cheeses" on the juice pulp/flax dehydrator bread!
 i have to start using the recipe books i have! i've started looking through ani phyo's raw food essentials and did kelp noodles with pistachio avocado pesto. so creamy and great!!!
 had cashew creamery's cacao chip mint ice cream spread into a cacao coconut frozen crust for dessert.
 i put too much coconut oil in the crust but it was super fun to eat! like dq ice cream cake. sort of.
 ok and then i tried soup AGAIN. this one wasn't a total bust! and paul actually ate it all... with lots of nutritional yeast of course. this one was inspired by ani's kream of broccoli (page 138) but i didn't add the red pepper kream on top and i used brazil nuts instead of cashews. simple, green and good!
 ooh but the real hit... the pad thai with kelp noodles! (page 227) wish i added crushed nuts of some sort on top or cauliflower or something to look more pad thai-ish. but the cilantro and lime and bit of jalapeno glow... yum!!!

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