Saturday, January 1, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 1

so i'm back teaching at a camp in korea... i changed up my food suitcase a bit this time around but once again, i really only eat the iceberg lettuce salad from the cafeteria (if it hasn't been tainted by seafood, meat or dairy additives).
my first full day at the camp included meals such as a go raw real live flax bar for breakfast, then lunch i did in the cafeteria...
 i finally got to try the "almond rosemary rawgles" i've been anxious to try... picked up a whole bunch of stuff from home grown living foods at buddha-full. excitement! lots of fun stuff made in lake cowichan and they have a buddha in their logo so it matches buddha-full. anyways... i wished these to be chewy and they're not, but they are softer and thicker than typical raw crackers so it was a nice change. smeared some coconut oil on em (they shattered in my lugggage) and it was great fun! had the cukes and carrots and salad from the cafeteria plain and then some oranges too! yahoo!

it was pizza night to celebrate new years eve so the teachers had that to look forward to after dinner in the cafeteria. the salad that i count on to be there was mayonaise atop fruit so it was a major letdown. but hurrah for the sprouted chickpea miso i bought at organic lives! added some kombu which kind of reminded me of 'el dante' pasta and it was quite nice!

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