Friday, January 21, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 20

my last full day at the school... i finished off my last package of rawgles, sliced some banana on top of my chia cereal (i have enough for tomorrow), and the salad was nice like last night and i added *roasted* nori again. i'm bringing home a full package of my raw nori. i just couldn't be bothered to make sushi much this time!
 my head chef friend presented me with a carrot rose... it tasted extra amazing. i miss eating carrots. i don't have much more than a few strips in a salad when i'm here!
 lunch... one lady working in the cafeteria said the kimchi was vegan but my head chef friend later told me it wasn't. i didn't expect it to be so i hadn't eaten any but took some to be polite. carrots and cukes were exciting! plus the last of my oil and vinegar atop of the salad with the last of my garden pesto crackers! and a banana snagged from breakfast. YAY!
 dinner.. a strange pairing... there was hot pot with fish intestine and such in it which of course i didn't partake in. the salad was served up in spaghetti which ended up being a sweet and red pepper paste spicy sauce that was animal free. i put 1/2 of the remainder of my sundried tomatoes and rawmesan on top expecting it to be the pasta sauce i had before. but it was fine. and i had taken the *roasted* nori - i ended up wrapping it in the leaf i picked up with the oranges. then i finished off the olives i brought, with help from friends ^_^ i gave one to the head chef to try and he couldn't finish it!

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