Thursday, January 6, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 7

breakfast... *roasted* seaweed again atop some salad... persimmon (YES!!!) with chia cereal. YAH!
 i scored an orange yesterday that i saved for lunch. salad with rawmesan on top with dulse and flax crackers i made back home on the side! (crackers were simply soaked flax seed and ground flax, ginger and red onion). my chef friend was concerned that i didn't take any of the white rice. i brought some brown rice but i'm not sure how to go about that. i can't make that in a cup in my room but i also can't see myself asking someone to make it for me. so really not sure why i brought it!!!
 there were potatoes tonight at dinner and i couldn't resist. then they came out with french fries. i had maybe 3 though because the last time i remember eating fried food before summer, i was sick all night! oh, also have to say that these oranges were AMAZING.

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