Saturday, January 8, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 9

getting ready to leave for seoul for the day!!! 
but here's yesterday...

the pineapple was GLORIOUS! and chia cereal and salad with *roasted* seaweed...
 at lunch i was super excited to see carrots and cucumbers... i was just commenting on how i was missing carrots especially since i think i'm getting pale while i'm here. anyways... so then my head chef friend comes up and sees what i'm eating. i decide to show him my "vegan passport" again so he can see, in korean, what i eat and don't eat (though technically i don't eat the white rice in the cafeteria so that must have been confusing for him) so then he is worried that all the people i work with are strict veg like me and they have been eating all these random animals this whole time but i explain it's just me but i have come before so i know what to expect and i brought food. well, he's not convinced so i'm to give him a list of things i do eat on monday and he said he can prepare some things for me? super curious. he ended up bringing out warm tofu and a spicy soy sauce with veggies and nuts for me. my friend ate 1/3 of it but there was still a lot and i wasn't hungry for the rest of the day! gah. 
i made some quinoa in my room and i'm curious about that. kept it in my "fridge" (near the window sill) to keep for this morning. so we'll see how that is!

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