Saturday, January 15, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 15

breakfast... the last of my granola (sniff!), some pineapple and salad/*roasted* nori, ahem, kim (i am in korea and all, i should be practicing my minimal korean)...
 there was tofu at lunch and soy/onion/veg sauce so i went for it. oranges were a nice surprise! (snuck some for later) and i added some hemp hearts to my salad.
 bean sprouts and onion or garlic or something with carrot strips and the salad... this time with the rest of my package of hemp hearts and the end of my bag of croutons. apple cider vinegar to keep it from blowing away...
now that i'm approaching my last week (i leave in one week tomorrow morning!), i'm thinking of emptying my jars (olives, walnut butter, chickpea miso...) so i don't come back with half-used food. i'd rather keep things unopened or totally demolish them. so we'll see how it all works out...
i'm getting super excited to get a vitamix when i get home (i got some money for one for christmas/birthday) and start making some new foods at home! making food at home again (rather than on trays in the cafeteria or at the desk in my room) will be AMAZING.
seoul tomorrow! yay!!!

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