Tuesday, January 4, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 5

okay so getting off the raw train temporarily... there was tofu in the cafeteria again! and the roasted seaweed seemed like too great of an addition. i can't help but believe that me choosing any vegan options available in the cafeteria creates more of a demand for them! raw bagel with coconut oil though is crucial for my better breakfast!
 look! my orange still has a leaf! YES! beauty.
 lunch... i don't know how i got so lucky but the greens did not contain any "little fish" OR "little little fish". AMAZING. i broke up some of my raw nori from home for the salad and eek! a banana for dessert! LOVES IT.
 and okay, dinner? more vegan options? the broccoli was steamed and then chilled but whatever! it's broccoli!!! and then a warm no animal product potato strips thing was great for a switch. and later cucumber strips with sesame seeds were brought out. YES! i have never seen so many vegan options in this cafeteria in one day before. one of the chefs came up to me and said hello and my name so i can't help but feel like being so inquisitive about the food plays a role in what they produce for us! 

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