Friday, January 14, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 14

getting close to the end of my raw granola stuff. tomorrow is the last day of that! had it with almond milk, but of course, and the obligatory salad with *roasted* seaweed and brought the last of my homemade dehydrator ginger red onion flax crackers. by the time i got to breakfast this morning, one of the chefs was carting the oranges away! boo! they brought out persimmons right after which is great too of course. but it's exciting to switch up the fruit!
 lunch... okay this was the envy of every eye that spied my tray. one of the chefs prepared some of my brown rice and then they had what i think are perilla leaves steamed up and salad that i put apple cider vinegar and hemp seeds on. i rolled up some brown rice with the greens and some salad and dehydrated lemon ginger pumpkin seeds inside raw nori.
 oh yes! not perfect looking but oh so great!!!
 tonight i got another bowl of the brown rice but i was too lazy to make sushi so i just had the nori broken up on top (doesn't mix as easily as the roasted stuff but it was still a welcome taste). the salad was topped with the vinegar and hemp seeds again.

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