Sunday, January 23, 2011

hooray for coming home!

i had such an amazing time with amazing people in korea but i have to admit, i'm pretty excited about getting to make my own food again and get to eat my favourite kinds of things!

first stop yesterday when i got home was some food to go from gorilla food:
i got a choco gorilla shake (almonds, cacao, banana, hempseeds, date, coconut oil) to try keep me awake while i waited for the food. i know being awake 26+ hours played a big role but waiting 40 minutes seemed excessive for my salad) and 2 treats to go (the cinnamon almond goji crunch cookie and a piece of the fudge).
 i got the great gorilla salad which really felt good because i have been craving dark greens and avocados and almonds and hemp seeds.... it was worth the wait! but the best part was getting to hang out with lovely people later when i ate it!

okay and then today... my parents were out and my favourite person's birthday was 2 days ago so we had a lovely early dinner together at organic lives, another place i've been excited to go back to since korea.
i ate some of my parents' sushi and mexispirals and split this tostada salad to start. SOOOOO GOOD.
 and then i got the mushroom pasta (zucchini noodles are always a win but the sauce is too much raw mushroom taste - it needs more kick! i mixed the side salad with its citrus dressing in to help). the masala burger on yam bread was pretty good - some sauce would do it quite well. the dehydrated 'bun' and dehydrated 'burger' is too much dehydrated stuff, you know?
so... the tostada salad was definitely my favourite. but it was exciting to try some new things there! and it gets my brain buzzing with inspiration for making things at home!
there wasn't a black vitamix in stock so i guess i'll have to wait on getting that. sadness!
 when i got home, i regretted not getting some dessert to take home so i whipped up some macaroons with some coconut oil, coconut flakes, medjool dates and cacao powder and put them in the dehydrator for maybe an hour to warm them up a bit. they were a hit!


  1. Hi Natalie! glad u got home safe, and that you're enjoying good food. :) You've definitely inspired me to try eating more raw foods~~ I'll look forward to your return!

  2. ooh yay!!! i can't wait for summer - i HAVE to come back and i can't wait to see you and all the new places in seoul that have vegan options!!! ^_^