Wednesday, January 12, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 12

breakfast... the mandarins were cut in half for whatever reason (to prevent us from sneaking them into our backpacks?). i had a container with me so i snuck some out, along with the cut persimmons they put out later. this was soooo great to have later in the morning! i had some more of the hemp buckwheat granola stuff with almond milk and some of the regular salad... i brought the remains of my box of quinoa to the head chef and managed to explain how to make it (through an interpreter) and it seemed he would bring me out some for lunch so i was excited for something new.
 well, an even bigger surprise at lunch was having a bowl put aside for me with spaghetti and sauce without the meat! i had the same meal as everyone else! not raw but hurrah for vegan! plus, the quinoa was made too! so i had some of that with the leftover sauce. i wasn't even hungry at dinner.
 but i couldn't resist eating the rest of the quinoa. and some boiled beyond belief cabbage. gross. but it was something different. i even found a strip of beet in my salad. um, not so inspiring. i tried some of my lydia's organics italian crackers (that i found in seattle) and they were a lot more inspiring!

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