Sunday, January 2, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 3

breakfast... ruth's chia cranberry ginger goodness and some salad stuffs and persimmon. not bad! YAY!
 lunch... not sure what you call oshinko in korean but couldn't resist as it was something different. but gotta wonder what makes it so yellow. added hemp seed and rawmesan to the salad with some apple cider vinegar.
 i think i ate a million snacks this afternoon as we haven't really started working yet so i wasn't hungry for dinner. but then there was tofu which i don't usually eat but to see something vegan in the cafeteria is too exciting and i can't help but want to support. and warm food was exciting too... so anyways, had that with some more of the salad... this time with some pumpkin seeds i had sprouted and dehydrated back home with lemon and ginger. lovely orange for dessert!

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