Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cafeteria success!

i don't know what the point of this blog is REALLY but maybe just to remind myself of what works and what doesn't when travelling to places that aren't so vegan (and raw!) friendly.
before this trip (this is my 6th time to korea!), i dehydrated a bunch of organic fruit and nuts which have been SO amazing... look at this... i did apples and bananas and PERSIMMONS. JOY!!! i also did some kiwi which was pretty fun!
 and okay.. if you are going to be somewhere for awhile, get to know the people who make the food and know about it! my head chef friend hooked me up with this fruit bowl this morning which was so amazing (i gave the juice to my friend). he also has been serving up more vegan-friendly dishes than just the usual iceberg lettuce salad this camp and i am SO GRATEFUL.
i still wonder if i will eat all of my snacks before camp is over but i feel like i will survive regardless ^_^

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