Wednesday, January 5, 2011

korean middle school cafeteria winter-styles day 6

so... this morning... greens i could eat, nuts i could eat (not raw but STILL) and roasted nori... i don't know how others are so hungry by lunch time! 4.5 hours until lunch? no problem! and fruit galore! back home, i'd call these asian pears. but if i'm in asia, what are they called?
 cucumber in some oniony garlic vinegar, banana! and hemp seeds on the ol' faithful salad for lunch!
 it's pizza night after dinner so that generally ironically means no options for me for dinner in the cafeteria. but at least there was salad. dulse and hemp did me well. and then some oranges were brought out. YES!
 and yeah, my excitement while everyone eats pizza (if i can wait until then) is these cookies. yippee!

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