Friday, July 9, 2010

um, so here it is.

i never thought i would start a blog. but i guess i'm feeling a little obsessive posting food photos on the ol' headbook every day and perhaps this is a better place for such things.

i've been eating mostly raw in the last 4 months.... i never saw it coming even 5 months ago. last summer, i was starting to see and feel benefits of doing so but never considered it for my life.

ANYWAYS... i'm about to go travelling a bit... to LA for a few days (which i'm excited for, thinking FOOD VACATION) and then korea (which has some vegan-friendly spots in seoul but i think my food suitcase is going to be extra packed this time around for raw goodies especially while cafeteria meals are a whole bunch of white stuff cooked up with random animals mixed in) and then costa rica for a rainforest getaway where there is a raw chef on site! eek!

tonight my coming home from the bar (drinking water!) snack of choice has been a curry squash bread slice i got from gorilla food today with miso and sauerkraut on top. strange taste combinations but hey, it works.

this is my first post so i really don't know what i'm doing and well, i suppose it'd be nice to have some coherent topic. i'll work on that. maybe. but i have to mention this documentary i saw recently that made me feel so much less an alien for being so excited about raw food and wanting to "convert" those around me: it's called simply raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days.

it just makes so much sense to me to eat the realest food possible - stuff you could just get out of the ground or tree or bush and eat. i'm getting so frustrated with health-claim foods packaged in boxes. i was originally thinking i wanted to switch careers and go into nutrition but after reading michael pollan's book, in defense of food, i realized that i really am not into carbohydrate-counting and knowing what nutrient i can get from what. i just want to eat fresh, real things and enjoy them! i suppose i am interested in food combining and acidic/alkaline foods but for now... just going to eat what makes me feel AMAZING. and hopefully become more of a local eater. but more on that later. maybe.

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