Monday, July 26, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 4

hmm is it bad that i'm bored of this blog already? i guess i don't see the point in taking photos of every meal if SALAD is always the highlight. tonight i will start marinating kelp noodles in the sundried tomato pesto i brought. and hope for the best.

well, anyways, here's today's goods:

got the chia cereal going and the expected salad. at least on the side. i don't even like tomatoes but at least there's some fruit.

hooray for watermelon! i've learned that you should always eat melons on their own as they combine with no food. so i tried eating some first and then waited a bit before eating my salad but then i couldn't resist getting more melon. so maybe i had a bit of a stomach ache but it wasn't memorable.

okay and dinner? not so inspiring but i do enjoy this salad with the croutons on top. if only i didn't eat it 3 times a day...

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