Thursday, July 29, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 7

breakfast today was especially amazing as my korean nutritionist friend's friend at the cafeteria brought me nectarines and grapes? YAY!!!! and that is after i had those plums! so much fresh fruit!

and then at lunch... something i have never seen in my 4 camps here... raw vegetables! carrots and cucumbers!? YES!!!!

dinner was not inspiring or helpful in any way and i'm still wondering what i should snack on at movie night... maybe some chocolate (cacao, of course!) covered goji berries? inca berries? one of the raw cookies i found in LA?

fast forward a few hours...

so i decided against the movie but decided on a cookie that was coconut deliciousness. i also tried some kale chips (salt and vinegar) which really were the worst i've ever had and it's pretty hard to screw up kale. not enough vinegar and they tasted old. i guess you gotta just make em yourself if you're going to eat them. kinda hard when you're travelling. but maybe next time i'll prepare my own in advance!

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