Saturday, July 24, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 2

there were bananas in the cafeteria this morning which were PERFECT for slicing on my apple cinnamon chia/buckwheat/etc. cereal

lunch's excitement was the yellow peppers in the salad (i added shelled hemp seed to this and tamari for dressing) and the frozen persimmon! it appears the cooks froze the persimmons as they were quite ripe (and on the verge of not so goodness) but really, persimmons have such a small window of perfect ripeness and i thought it was great! (and i went back and convinced the lady working the persimmon table to give me another) totally going to freeze them at home.

so then dinner... i was debating opening my pesto to make things interesting but i suppose i'll save it for later, like when camp actually starts (tomorrow is day 1). so... tonight i added dulse, tamari and nutritional yeast to the salad. and oranges were a treat!

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