Wednesday, July 28, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 6

a great day for meals, it was!

started with apples with the morning cereal! hurrah! i was craving them like mad yesterday...

then for lunch, i had my remaining kelp noodles i had marinated last night in olive oil and sundried tomatoes... added nutritional yeast and crumbled didi's mac'n'cheese cracker (boxed cookie texture) on top and then wrapped up in lettuce or those perilla leaves that are fuzzy and i don't like the taste on their own... it was glorious! oh yah, and there was the white melon and then, later they brought out oranges! AMAZING!!!

for dinner, there was spaghetti for everyone and i just had a salad but i wasn't even hungry after my awesome lunch. so hurrah!

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