Wednesday, July 21, 2010

living foods in LA...

so i've just arrived in korea and i have packed a mega huge "food" suitcase so i have basically all meals provided while i teach at this 3 week camp. i'm hoping there will be salad and fruit for me! otherwise everything i have is dehydrated! gah! i will start posting what i've managed to extract from the cafeteria when i get a chance!

anyways... so that my dreams are still vibrant, here are some places i went to and amazing food i ate while in LA:

first... sunpower natural cafe near universal city:

i had a bbq sunflower burger with the raw green bun with coleslaw.

i had 'dirty chai' raw vegan ice cream at kindkreme around the corner before lunch and then i had to go back afterwards for their soft serve vanilla with caramel sauce and cacao nibs! YES!

on my last day, i got to real food daily which many people recommended to me:

i had the living (collard greens) wrap and now i wish i had taken a photo at more of an angle so you can see in! but it was wonderful. they had great juices too (i had a "sweet green").

i was super excited to go to erewhon natural foods market and pick up snacks for my way home (and for the korea food suitcase!)

first i HAD to try dr. cow's cashew & brazil nut cheese as i hadn't before and i've been waiting years!

i LOVED it! and i'm excited to get a chance to have it again sometime. it was like a soft cheese and mild aged taste... perfect with the flax crackers i was happy to take with me here to korea as flax isn't anywhere!

i took these cookies onto the plane and i wish i had gotten a before photo as they are a mess in this one :( they were super cute with the chocolate chip in the middle! they tasted like a raw dough (yah, obviously everything is raw but you know, like a raw, not yet baked dough). so that was kinda fun.

then i tried these later. i definitely want to find them again. kinda reminded me of a quaker chocolate chip granola bar!

i'm still learning this layout stuff and sometimes korean is popping up so i find it even harder to know what i'm doing. but i'm trying.

cafeteria meals coming up!

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