Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LA tomorrow morning!!! eek!

i want to write something about agave (so that i can remember why it's bad for you) but for now, i'm just gonna post some photos...

the last of my gorilla food curry bread... so fun to make sandwiches again! i forgot to put avocado on that one so i was kinda bummed but made for a good one later...

me and a friend grabbed salad bar at whole foods yesterday (after many deliberations on the best choice and me running back twice to the cashier later with cookies) and i LOVED the colours that appeared. something had some spice in it (possibly the almond milk avocado ranch dressing?) but it was great with blueberries!

then today i had a "clean out my fridge for the weekend getaway" salad which thankfully was inspired by many a good thing in the fridge. and again, such glorious colours!

i went to guu garden tonight but i was so full after opening the snacks i bought for my plane ride tomorrow (WF now has crackers from live in toronto! i LOVED that place! so i couldn't help it!!) but i can't really eat at guu anyways so i thought a fresh orange juice sounded nice!

last night at guilt & co i went for orange juice as well while the beers were being poured around me. they usually have freshly squeezed there but didn't then. them's the breaks!

so anyways, the waitress asked if it was okay that it was freshly squeezed. um, yes please! so, she brought out 2 orange halves and a juicer. i didn't realize it was to be freshly squeezed by me! brilliant! and the juice fit the glass perfectly. ha, i guess they've done this before.

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