Friday, July 30, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 8

yay! bananas in the morning! glorious!!! first day off and i'm glad i didn't sleep through breakfast. i'm bummed my vegetable crackers went soft even when i first opened the bag! but oh well. still something to eat that isn't just the salad!

lunch... not particularly inspiring. well, inspiring to go finish all of my chocolate covered goji berries in my room afterwards. gah!

dinner... i ate something from the cafeteria beyond just the salad! there were marinated bean sprouts and cucumber... it was funny, i was trying to place the aftertaste for so long after. garlic! haven't had that in awhile... ooh and i had some flax crackers with coconut butter. oh man is that good. i've had crappy coconut butter before (that i just use for dry hands now!) and the artisana stuff is really good. actually tastes like coconut!
p.s. last nectarine... for now?

p.s.s. i'm drinking water that i've had dried purple corn soaking in. and getting excited to get home and to get on buying a dehydrator so i can make these.

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