Saturday, July 31, 2010

saturday gots seoul!

started off with the usual cafeteria breakfast...

but then seoul! first stop? mmmg cafe/shop in myeongdong... watermelon juice with mint! (7000 won)

loving hut, sinchon. not raw but it's vegan. (about 9000 won for the smoothie and salad)

i was grateful for the nori stick snack though!

i didn't end up getting to mind body seoul or huckleberry's, but i checked out the "eco friendly" produce section at shinsegae's food floor and came across many a sign for "natural", "slow food", and "organic" like this cafe that i got kiwi juice at: daylesford organic (9000 won! yikes!)

and then loving hut achasan (buffet) for dinner... again... not so raw but so vegan and i ate as much raw as i could (like the spicy roots and spinach! that was excitement!). it was amazing that i did feel the difference (stomach ache!) eating some cooked food! a friend on the bus home remarked "so that's like your junk food now, huh?" and i guess she's right! wow.

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