Sunday, July 18, 2010

how i survived 15 hours at disneyland as a vegan...

hurrah for buying snacks at whole foods the night before!
the "gone nuts" rosemary garlic sprouted pistachios and almonds were a garlic lovers's must-have, though i didn't like that there were a lot of clumps of garlic/spices - hard to eat without the pistachios and almonds underneath! the "rawk-n-roll cuisine" pizza flavoured kale went over well with others as well but i wish there was more! it seemed like there were just 5 clumps of it in the $10 bag! the "kookie karma" cherry cashew bar wasn't memorably different than a "larabar" if i remember correctly but i guess it was raw so that is a plus? and the "two moms in the raw" mango chia bar was quite nice and i'm definitely going to try making something like it when i get a dehydrator - hopefully at the end of summer. it was just a bunch of fruit and chia seeds, probably soaked for awhile in some juices and then dehydrated. simple and perfect! i drank my "amy and brian" coconut water before getting to the park as i expected to be dehydrated. i ended up filling my water bottle at fountains throughout the day despite being convinced my water smelled like bleach. gross! i am spoiled drinking kangen water at work! the "kevita" lemon ginger kefir drink was quite nice and i was grateful to have brought some fun drinks!

at first, i was cynical about the market stands in disneyland... i saw the chip bags and smirked at what should be produce. and then i noticed that they DID have produce! sadly, this one had watermelon and grapes and pineapple buried under the ice and it was nasty looking upon closer inspection. and the only organic thing they had was a dehydrated fruit leather type thing that wasn't straight-up fruit... but hey... these are steps in the right direction! these fruit stands were everywhere!
so, anyways... i was soooo grateful i could bring food into disneyland!


  1. I love your new blog. Keep it up. I can't wait to read about your Seoul trip. I can't believe you take a food bag. Do you really find it that difficult to find foods? I guess you don't want to find out the hard way and end up hungry.

    Have you read the blog

    They are a Canadian couple blogging their way through the world too!

  2. ooh! thanks! i will check out that blog!
    this is the 5th time i've been to korea now and it's not all that vegan-friendly as fish is in EVERYTHING (and ham is a vegetable). but this time is my 4th time teaching at a camp where i only have access to cafeteria food during the week so yep, my food suitcase becomes quite elaborate! seoul has many vegan options and that's how i plan my days off - where to eat! and generally the areas with vegan food are full of galleries and cute shops so it's perfect!