Tuesday, August 9, 2011

indigo food cafe!

so i'm about 2 weeks behind... but i finally got to try indigo food cafe near the choices on 16th, a couple blocks east of macdonald. so excited to have yet another option for raw food in vancouver! it's amazing! lovena has been doing catering and classes for awhile now but now we can drop in randomly for raw treats! hurrah!

i ate some of this and i can't remember what it was! it was the special that day... 
 stuffed portobello burger... expected the mushroom to be marinated but i guess this is rawest of raw.
 collard roll-ups...
 enchilada (small portion)
 chocolate ganache with raspberries (sickening amount of agave but i helped finish 2 of these off! i was wired all night!)
my friend ordered the perogies which were incredible too.  i really wish they were a raw version as that's something i really want to try do but they were super soft and delicate and deliciously vegan regardless!

small food menu but who cares! it's vegan and raw and super tasty?! eek! and in a different 'hood than the other raw places!

can't wait to go back!

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