Tuesday, August 9, 2011

juice truck!

i always wish for more juice options when not home and there aren't so many fresh juice places available... but now there is a mobile place! THE JUICE TRUCK!

it mostly sits itself at abbott and water, but it's been around kits for an event too. it's helpful to check the juice truck's facebook to find out how they are doing and confirm what they are doing!

last thursday, when sarah and i got to visit, they were sampling a new snack item: a raw chai brownie! they plan to gradually incorporate snack items in with their juice and smoothie menu.
i was amazed by the sweet chai taste... it was a new combo for me! hurrah! (and cacao is always a win so this brownie was great!!!)
i had the green juice (no fruit added) and then the strawberry without agave. the coconut meat flavour was a bit much in this one so i'd probably leave it out next time.
hurrah for the juice truck!!!

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