Wednesday, August 24, 2011

goji chocolate cheesecake!

on monday night, sarah came over to help me make a goji chocolate cheesecake (from sweet gratitude, page 106 though the recipe appears to be right here!)
sarah processed the nuts and dates for the crust!
 i blended goji berries and cashews and other fun things for the filling!
 isn't it beautiful?
 i liked sarah's crust pressing technique!
 first part of the cheesecake... i remember worrying that there wouldn't be enough leftover to mix chocolate in for the swirl...
 and there ended up being like half the cheesecake in the blender... somehow more than the 2 cups i was supposed to need.
so it became a layered cheesecake rather than one with a swirl! so i'll have to try out the swirl next time! 
 i LOVE the texture and crazy taste. i have to limit how much i eat of it though because it's a real caffeine boost or SOMETHING. i'm wired after eating it! and of course it made its debut last night (a bit later than i expected! i was up so late afterwards!!!) after me, sarah, renee and kasha saw a cute (but a lil' long) thai rom/com called hello stranger. it's set in seoul which was fun like watching something filmed in vancouver. i love looking for familiar sights!
speaking of korean things (?), i found organic vegan kimchi at the farmers market at main station this afternoon! so awesome!!! i should get looking at ani phyo's korean-inspired recipes...