Wednesday, August 17, 2011


sunday night dinner! paul and i made zucchini lasagna (aka "italian rawzania") from ani phyo's ani's raw food kitchen - page 185.
it was my best cashew cheeze yet. the secret, as obvious as it is, is to only add water as needed. i tend to have more of a cream than a cheese. this was a great ricotta type texture. YAH! also, i processed almonds with oil and cumin and coriander (chili ground round topping style!) to layer on top (paul's idea) and this was AWESOME. plus it stayed crunchy days later.

this was yummy sunday night, but really it was best the next day and the day after! i really have to start making lasagnas more often. with 2 people at work in the kitchen, it is so easy and quick.


  1. looks great, natalie! thanks for reminding me to eat more raw~~ :)

  2. thank you!!! ^_^ i'm so curious about people doing raw in korea! i feel like i met a raw family at a vegan buffet place once in seoul but i don't really remember the details.