Friday, August 19, 2011

sandwich! YES!

with a juicer back in action, i have veggie pulp again! so... yesterday, i soaked some flax seeds and ground flax and last night i combined the pulp and flax with some braggs and a pinch of salt and spread it onto the teflex sheets in the dehydrator. this morning, i flipped the breads onto the mesh (no teflex) and now that i'm home from work (1pm), i'm able to enjoy a sandwich for lunch!
i smeared some sprouted chickpea miso on it and then cut up some lettuce, cucumber and tomato (that looks like pickle!) from the farmers market ^_^ and put some nutritional yeast and cumin and basil on top. YES! the bread is firm and almost a bit crispy on the crust but soft and chewy!
but then it was super hard to eat with everything balanced on top and i spilled some. so i added another piece of bread. i love the red colour from the beet! ^_^

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