Wednesday, August 17, 2011


this past weekend, sarah and i went down to seattle! my friend kirsten was celebrating her birthday and we wanted to shop for + eat lots of new or favourite things!
on saturday, we ended up in the u-district and we stumbled upon a farmers market and there were so many different kinds of cucumbers! it was amazing! i had to try the lemon cucumber. it was like biting into a crisp apple but with the refreshing, cool taste of a cuke. (and today i found them at the farmers' market at main street station! yippee!)
i started my saturday with a really green smoothie (apple and banana and greens) and a shot of wheatgrass at chaco canyon. it seemed like the drinks came quite quickly and we were on our way for shopping soon after that. a nice surprise!

for a late lunch, we went to thrive where they were super busy at 2pm and the cafe's till paper machine got jammed and 45 minutes into our wait, they realized they didn't have our order. thankfully my juice had already been started so i got to drink that first... (i had the smallest size of refresh and it was perfect!)
i also had ordered something pretty easy and quick to prepare (and share) so that worked out well. i got the large thrive platter with onion cashew dip, lemon tahini (couldn't taste the lemon so wasn't sure about that name) and nacho dip. i think sarah preferred the nacho and i preferred the onion one, though i got a bit sick of the onion taste. i was grateful for wrapping this up to go to eat later as i didn't end up really having dinner!
we ended up walking into PCC, an organic grocery chain store, when we were in freemont and i couldn't resist getting earth cafe's "who's your daddy?" raw cheesecake (a super sweet carob mousse - i couldn't finish it, which is something new for me!, it seemed high in agave which gave it a nice caramel taste but super sweet taste) and sarah got "big daddy" peanut butter marshmallow chocolate from theo (which isn't vegan or raw but they do have vegan bars!). i hope sometime to do a tour at the theo factory where we had also bought some chocolate.
oh, here are the cucumbers as displayed for a table surprise! aren't they incredible? oh and i guess technically the biggest one isn't a cucumber but a melon, but i guess cukes and melons are pretty close in relation...
so this is my snack cupboard when i got home! isn't it glorious???
happy day's half moon macaroons have been the only disappointment so far. i opened them yesterday to share with paul (um, perfect! 1 cookie each!) but he said they tasted bad and then i tried and it tasted fermented. i can deal with too sweet or not sweet enough but that piercing sour aftertaste? um, no thanks! gah. so they are in the garbage. so sad!
but! the hail merry macaroons (chocolate and blonde!) i got at the whole foods down there are the best i have ever had! i generally don't like blonde macaroons but i think having the almond flour and vanilla in these just makes them so incredibly melt-in-your-mouth delicious! jodie had advised me to look out for the tart as she found it in whole foods when she was in tucson recently. seattle's WF didn't have those, but thankfully they had these! and i brought the chocolate ones to the beach yesterday when jodie and lisa were fiending for chocolate :)
the only thing i don't like is that on the list of ingredients, the chocolate ones list maple syrup first! there can't be more maple syrup than coconut can there? and it says dark cocoa. cocoa means processed chocolate - cacao is raw. super confused. but who knows.

i tried go raw's ginger super cookies (pretty good but i would prefer more ginger kick - maybe it's because they use the ground dried ginger rather than whole) and pizza flax snax (good). my favourite of go raw's line still remains the spirulina bar (with banana and sesame seeds). and i miss their old logo. is that silly?

ah and you have to see this fearless raw chocolate bar (exploding coconuts). there's a bite mark because they donate to "changemakers" suggested by their consumers.
i prefer zimt despite the cute packaging and thin bar of this one. maybe it's just because of raw cane sugar being on the ingredients list! not quite the 'raw' bar i was expecting. sure the sugar is raw, but i guess i expect raw treats to use fruit sweeteners or stevia. and now i notice it is technically labelled as rapadura and looking around on the ol' interweb, it is touted as one of the better of the manufactured sweeteners. i will have to look into it some more! how have i not heard of it before? the whole cane sugar thing just throws me off. what is the difference between it and sucanut or brown sugar or palm sugar? what is all this stuff? i guess when i don't really understand what something is or how it is made, i don't wanna eat it!!!

well, anyways, my weekend in seattle was a complete food success. and well, the best weekend i've had for awhile! i can't wait to go back to seattle again, hopefully soon!


  1. aw, i love earth cafe's cheesecakes! :) i should try making my own.....

  2. totally!!! did you have them when in LA? have you seen any raw stuff in korea? i can't wait until there is more of that happening in SK!!!

  3. Thank you for the Zimt shout out! I love that you love them =) You da bomb!

  4. ooh you're welcome! i can't wait til i can get your chocolate again! <3