Thursday, August 25, 2011

and it just keeps getting better...

i am still loving ani phyo's raw chili and so does my sister. she is still asking for it when she comes over for dinner! and it was awesome to have sarah over tonight too to try it. it is a total win!!!
plus i tried this cashew sour cream to go along with the raw tacos idea and it was great! i made way more than needed so there'd be leftovers and have had several people sample it now - it's the best sour cream ever!


  1. Ooh I must try that chilli. Which Ani Phyo book is it in? As soon as you tell me I am off to go and find it in my library ;)

  2. it's page 145 of ani's raw food essentials. i follow it exactly except without corn. and the taco nut meat on the next page is so easy and amazing and i have used so many different seeds and/or nuts and it's always been the best topping! ^_^ let me know what you think when you try it!