Sunday, August 29, 2010

cascadas farallas, costa rica, day 1 (dinner only)

so i've recently come back from a 10 day trip to costa rica... to baru, near dominical, on the pacific rainforesty side of costa rica. i LOVED where we stayed (cascadas farallas) as i ate amazing raw meals there, had yoga every morning (except sunday) and we were right at waterfalls and in the middle of the rainforest and then just 5 minutes drive from the most amazing beach... amazing because it was pretty empty (rainy season! YES!), the people were totally laid back (ie foreigner? who cares?), raw coconut water right from the coconut for $1 and well, it was just the best.

we arrived later afternoon on tuesday the 17th after a flight from houston, texas where i grabbed a double wheatgrass shot at the jamba juice in the george bush airport....

the food on the plane (continental) was sucky but at least there were salads and the flight attendant gave me two. so i ate 2 containers of iceberg lettuce (gah, korea camp flashback!) with the hot sauce. woo.

but after landing in san jose and driving for over 3 hours to our blissful retreat in the rainforest (stopping along the way to see alligators and views of course), we had a couple hours to chill until our first dinner. we came to really get excited for dinner as, with any meal, we didn't know what we were going to have but also, there would always be a starter, entree and dessert. 3 surprises in one meal! yes! my friend was eating vegan and i was always raw (though lunches and desserts are raw regardless).

so our first night's dinner started with "saffron augo lemono"...

it was a cold creme soup with a hint of lemon and meatball type things that to me, had a strange filtered water taste to them somehow. i finished my friend's for her.

then, my main course (and one of my most favourite dishes from our stay): raw pasta primavera...

i loved the creamy sauce and that the noodles weren't just zucchini like i'm used to but carrots and something else! the crackers were a soft and buttery smooth compliment. it was total comfort food.

and then dessert was crepes! cacao with coconut ice cream... HEAVEN.

one of my top 3 favourite desserts from the trip.

and that started off my food/beach vacation of absolute bliss...

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