Wednesday, August 11, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 18

today was a great day for fruit! started off with some grapes with my chia cereal and salad...

and then my chef friend brought out pineapple! hurrah! ah, one thing i want to note about the grapes - in korea, everyone seems to squish the inside into their mouths and crunch the seeds and leave the skins. i got used to this last summer when i was here and now i enjoy it! but it's interesting that some rumour the grape skin is the most nutritious and then others, the seed! so there you have it folks. just eat what you like.

lunch... just some salad. since today was my last day with fridge access, i am saving my crackers for tomorrow (my last full day here) and thought i should work on finishing up my hemp hearts. so here they are with olive oil and nutritional yeast, dulse and sundried toms. i was SOOOO HUNGRY after less than 4 hours and thankfully i had one snack bar left (a glorious go raw spirulina energy bar) so i made it until dinner time.

and dinner was a 'special buffet' but it really didn't end up much different for me except i got red, yellow, and green peppers in my salad and different lettuce! and some lychee. which i haven't been liking. at loving hut on saturday, i actually spit it out and tonight i wasn't too keen either. is it possible lychee are bitter? i just don't understand. there's only a hint of the sweetness (that i used to think was too much?). i thought when you went off sugar, sweet things became sweeter, not more bitter. or is it just the lychee? i have a theory it's because they were frozen. who knows.

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