Monday, August 9, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 16

i started off the day with organic wheat grass powder mixed into water in my travel mug. i have been missing the taste (and smell!!!) of wheatgrass and thought this may help. not really. but i feel it did give me a boost to get through the morning. it didn't taste anything like wheatgrass but how can you have that amazing fresh taste if it's not fresh? and often i felt like i was drinking dirt grits as it didn't totally mix but i just kept adding water and it was just like a cold tea.

breakfast's excitement was the oranges. hurrah!

for lunch, i finished up my raw nori sheets, rolling up the salad with some tamari and pumpkin seeds.

but i ended up cutting them for easier eating. it was a nice lunch!

for dinner, i finished up my sundried tomato pesto on top of the salad with nutritional yeast. quite nice as well!

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