Thursday, August 5, 2010

korean middle school cafeteria day 13

hmm is this any surprise? salad and a chia cereal concoction! almost done the chocolate one now... i love that i brought the coconut now that i have a place for it. it will especially help the plain cereal i have coming up...

i have always had to hide tomatoes with other food to be able to eat them raw without gagging. i feel i have crossed some threshold. i can now eat a cherry tomato without disguise and without immediate veg chaser. hurrah! i think? added dulse and hemp hearts to dress up this salad.

i was super hungry for dinner so i added the last of my sesame gaufrettes and some hemp hearts, tamari and sundried tomatoes with nutritional yeast of course. i only eat this much nut yeast in korea! i wonder if that means something. oh and today i upped my e3 AFA supplement dose to 2. and i feel it made a difference. i feel way better than yesterday. totally needed the boost. but maybe it was the kids i teach. i love my class!

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