Friday, August 13, 2010

food planning in korea last day, day 23

this probably will be my last post until i get back from costa rica. as when i get home from korea, i will be packing to move (though eating lots of gorilla food and organic lives in vancouver to make up for lost time!) and then i'm gone for 10 days... woo!
but here is my last korean cafeteria meal this morning... i had way more chia cereal left than i expected (and i was just remarking how the package says to serve 2 tablespoons for a meal and i don't know, i guess i'm used to more in my bowl so i eat at least double that. anyways...) and the salad was extra nice (orange peppers and other greens! excitement!) and apples! quite nice, indeed.

i saved some snacks for the airport and 10 hour plane ride (including a package of sprouted teriyaki almonds, a kaia spiced apple fruit leather and a lydia's organics raspberry bar). i ended up going to smoothie king, though, for some extras. the passion fruit smoothie can't be all that full of goodness but it's vegan and vaguely represents something fruity. there were packages there of nuts and fruits so i picked up some macadamia nuts and dates (wow, do i miss medjools). i love the packaging as it says NO artificial preservatives/NO artificial flavors/NO artificial colors/NO artificial cents. cents? scents? love it. anyways, they did the job. i can expect my vegan meals on the plane to have a side salad and fruit salad so i won't be too thrown by the cooked entree. so excited to get on the plane. flying makes me feel like it's vacation.

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