Thursday, September 2, 2010

cascadas farallas, costa rica, day 2 (first full day)

so... the day starts off with a drink from a young coconut, yoga and breakfast!

so i had chia cereal every morning in korea but this was better as the chia was soaked perhaps overnight (that makes it so much more gelatinous) with maybe some coconut milk and banana blended in and blueberries, strawberries and banana chunks mixed in. yummy!

had a kale juice with lunch and a green papaya salad with tomato canopies.

and dinner started with starfruit juice and a thai salad featuring hibiscus, fennel and bok choy...

and sushi was the main course featuring rice made of cauliflower and a "salmon" sashimi made of carrot. i found the sashimi kind of bland but all in all, still exciting!

for dessert - banana surprise. blended frozen banana with nuts and blueberry coulis on top!

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