Friday, September 10, 2010

cascadas farallas, costa rica, day 5

juice and fruit plate(s) to start... so it was becoming a habit of having a fruit plate in the morning. which is great but sometimes i was craving something more heavy, you know? my friend had vegan cereal but then would be brought a fruit plate as well! one time she got a bonus fruit (banana) too! she let me eat it. i miss my fruit plate mornings now, for sure.

lunch at the beach... a coleslaw with apple, grape, walnut and celery and a neat 'bread'. wasn't sure if it was spicy or if there was something in the dressing. but it was really nice!

dinner started with carrot hummous and raw crackers.

the entree was "moroccan tangine"... i hate that it's been so long since i was there that i forget what was all in this!

dessert was the "immortal parfait": a chocolate mousse with coconut creme and mint. lovely!

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