Wednesday, March 28, 2012

eek! thank you vitamix!!!

i am OVER THE MOON. just got off the phone with vitamix (10 minutes or less call) and i am being sent a new blade agitator and blade with wrench so that i can replace mine that is not turning in my wet container. i couldn't believe this was considered covered under my warranty since i was immediately admitting how stupid i was for using my tamper without the lid!
i then asked if i could buy a replacement tamper to hopefully receive at the same time (me and paul are DYING to have green smoothies again!) and my helpful agent said i get one free tamper included in my warranty! so i will receive that for free too!
eek! eek! eek!
it's funny, i was getting so nervous about the cost, i was thinking i should call russell food first because at least they are local and i could bypass shipping costs. i guess i will have to wait until my next stupid accident to use them. but hopefully i am going to be so present and aware from now on, that my vitamix will get to happily blend forever more...


  1. Wow! Great news! I didn't know a free tamper was included in the warranty package. I wonder if the lid is too. Last summer, I didn't know my mom's dry lid was in the blender when I threw a smoothie together ... and really sliced up the lid. My younger bro did the same thing just a few days later. The thing looks like a dog gnawed for hours on it (shame!)

    Anyway, I came looking for your mac and cheese recipe. You gave a tantalizing hint of it and now I want a diff recipe than what I've been putting together. If you put one together again, please post cuz I'm salivating!!!

  2. yes! isn't that amazing? i would definitely check about the lid! you never know! ah, that is so brutal about your mom's lid!
    oh no, i'm so sorry for the mac and cheese lure! hehe. honestly, it is not going to sound very impressive if i say. and i can't say it is really homemade (the sham!). but i started with some quinoa macaroni (do you have access to gogo quinoa products? made of rice and quinoa flours) and used a sprinkle of daiya cheese (which contains inactive yeast. i don't use it very often and i couldn't have it for more than 2 months so i guess that's why i was curious to use it again!) but at least 2/3s of my pot was chopped chard and kale. i love how chard gets kinda creamy when cooked. i might have put some finely chopped green onion too. so the result was this super green bowl and yah, it was kinda silly to call it mac and cheese! hehe. i think what i should be working on is a "cheese" that is made with almonds and red pepper as a base... i'm curious about making a fermented cheese too. (have you ever tried the dr. cow's stuff when in the states?) do you make any raw (cashew-free) cheeses?

  3. With candida I have to really minimize the cashews which are considered moldy nuts, so only occccccasionally will I break down and make a cheesy sauce with them. But the trick of using kale and that it gets creamy is something I've gotta experiment with. Ah, the potential!!!!
    Yeah, I understand about the "misleading" mac n cheese lure. When I say I'm making pizza for example, peops get all excited ... till they see it's just in form but has no cheese. Some peops are so close-minded they won't even try it ... their loss.

  4. i find the chard has a creamy quality when steamed but maybe that is just me ^_^ kind of like how when juicing, there is that lovely foam and it is somehow creamy to me!
    but yeah, i don't understand when people won't try something new. i have had friends who wouldn't try a cookie once they learned it was vegan! i could understand not wanting to try a cookie upon finding out it had pork in it or something unexpected but i don't find plants to be all that strange as food! ^_^ i feel like plant-based eating is the least shocking, least offensive, and least-harming to body, environment, culture.... it should be the most easily accepted way to eat!
    i would love to try your pizzas! ^_^