Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dinner with kassie!

after what feels like forever (ie WEEKS and MONTHS too long!), i got to meet up with kassie tonight for dinner at eternal abundance. a bonus was that it was customer appreciation day which means 15% off grocery and book items. we both picked up zimt raw chocolate bars to eat on the way home. YAY!
we both had the raw kale caesar which is definitely deserving of its recognition in the straight's golden plate awards - though i think it should be ranked best salad in vancouver!
i also had the green goddess smoothie. YUM! (oh, i can't WAIT to get to make green smoothies again!)

i am so in love with this place. and i am so happy i have another friend stoked about it. i had the large salad, a smoothie, a chocolate bar and a big bag of organic produce for $43! it is possible to eat amazing and not go broke doing so. YAY!

p.s. before i forget to mention, i just watched hungry for change last night and i think it is free to watch for just a couple more days. i found some of the clips a bit repetitive (like they show a trailer intro first and then you remember verbatim what was said earlier) but the messages are excellent ones. there are good points about why diets don't work and why we should care how we are in the inside (not just thoughts and attitudes, but actual organs and blood and all them guts), not just want to improve our outward appearance. it comments a lot on how our "food" today is not really food. i think it is a must-see for everyone who does not yet form a connection between diet and health. it is not entirely vegan which makes the message less extreme, i figure, for meat-eaters. i now want to watch crazy sexy cancer as its creator (and cancer survivor), kris carr (who is featured in hungry for change, along with david wolfe and jon gabriel), is super inspiring.

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