Saturday, March 24, 2012

day 30 of 30 green smoothie days in a row

wow, has it been 30 days already? in some ways, it feels way longer.
i know i will continue to do the green smoothie daily but i can't say i really am inspired to post it every single day!
haha. this doesn't look so appetizing but this is a series of shots as my smoothie progressed from mostly red kale (used one bunch total) and some navel orange (used 3 in total - just removed the peel and seeds), to more orange and finally, i think it was 4 frozen bananas!
this was my 'safe' smoothie. was craving it yesterday and i got what i wanted! didn't use water again and the texture was great. paul approved too. so it is a win! ^_^


  1. You mentioned in your blog profile that you weren't as wild and energetic about the all raw diet now and something's missing. Are you getting enough magnesium? I've analyzed my diet from my hair analyses and mag is always a point of concern ... as could easily be for someone who's not eating many beans, a rich source. I ask cuz something weird happened when I did my 6th liver flush (will post soon on it). I drank the epsom salt (salt of magnesium) and unlike before, my body just seemed to soak up the solution and some, but I'm sure not all, went through me. My headaches stopped which I suspected were partially linked with low sodium. Will post on that but I know I've had low mag intake since returning about a month ago to Korea (just lazy in the kitchen).

  2. well, i still definitely prefer eating raw food - i always feel great! but i have started enjoying cooked grains as well (like millet, quinoa and even rice!). a friend mentioned magnesium to me before - i should definitely look into that. i have been concerned before about absorbing all the nutrients i need.
    i am totally curious about your liver flush! i just did my first one a few weeks ago!
    maybe i should start doing epsom salt baths too! and i'm interested in this hair analysis! do you do those in korea?