Sunday, March 18, 2012

day 24 of 30 green smoothie days in a row

kinda wishing i didn't make a green smoothie today.
i started by squeezing fresh orange juice and goodness, would it have been AWESOME just to drink that. and why didn't i? well, because i was going to use it for this green smoothie!
this smoothie was going to just be the fresh orange juice with collard greens. neither of which i tried on their own. then, i remembered i had a bulb of fennel i hadn't used yet so i added a few stalks of that. not knowing how it tastes in a smoothie as i've only ever used it in salad (which is delicious, btw!). then i was kinda freaked that it tasted too strong like having an onion-aftertaste kind of strong. so i added an asian pear and a frozen banana and an avocado. now i'm just drinking it slowly. whew. it's intense. if it didn't have the aftertaste, i would be into it. but yikes. i should really start slow when adding new ingredients. 
paul hasn't commented on the taste. but he didn't like the texture so he had to blend it with apple juice again.

i gotta do something safe for tomorrow's smoothie!

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