Tuesday, February 28, 2012

day 5 of 30 green smoothie days in a row

this morning when i blended my romaine lettuce, red chard leaves, frozen banana and mango, i used 1.5 cups of filtered water instead of the 1 cup i did yesterday. paul did not like how his frozen smoothie yesterday thawed out into mealy chunks. and today i gave it to him right when i made it rather than putting it in the freezer for him until he got up ^_^ and it worked well. half-asleep, drinking his smoothie! hehe
we'll see if it works again tomorrow.
i'm upset tonight because i went out for tea to sweet obsession and i ordered a chai latte with soy milk (as i wanted something a bit more than plain tea - everyone else was having desserts which i of course would not be eating) and it seemed to be so pure white but i didn't think anything of it until my face and ears were feeling super hot. but the worst was seeing the bill and the lack of charge for the different "milk". and then the waitress confirmed she forgot about the soy. so now i have this crazy stomach ache and i find it hard to stay upright. i'm drinking kombucha and hoping to wake up tomorrow with it out of my system. it's hard psychologically because i am very careful to not consume ANY animal products but it is also hard because dairy is included in my elimination diet on the "definitely avoid completely" list and i can't help but worry that i have messed up my 6 weeks of commitment to this. and 2 nights ago i had a couple bites of hummus that ended up having sun-dried tomato in it (and tomato is on my "avoid" list!) and my hands immediately dried up and have been cracking ever since. it's also freezing out but i can't help but think it's related.
anyways... come on, probiotics! balance me out!

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