Sunday, February 26, 2012

day 3 of 30 green smoothie days in a row

so my good news this morning is that this eczema i have had on the inside of my right elbow since january has almost disappeared! it is barely a bit of a dry ring - it used to be red and sometimes itchy and very confusing. my naturopath said that i have had something i am just trying to get out of my system. perhaps i am jumping the gun a bit but i think my green smoothie habit is working its magic already!

this morning, i blended a whole bunch of kale, one asian pear and one bosc pear, some frozen banana and raspberries and mango (the kale bitterness was a bit strong for me this morning so i ended up adding more fruit than just the pear and raspberries i had planned!)

i know victoria boutenko would be doing the whole bunch of kale herself and i think i will get to that. for now, the bunch turned into something enough for glasses for paul and i and an "emergency smoothie" for later ^_^ i started with 2 cups of filtered water in the vitamix so perhaps i will start with less next time.

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