Saturday, February 25, 2012

day 2 of 30 green smoothie days in a row

so today i did a pear/frozen banana/collard greens/romaine lettuce/dandelion greens for paul to have when he got up and blended the rest with cilantro for me. YUM! (and he loved his too! these green drinks are good!!!)
i don't know if it's just my enthusiasm but i feel brighter and that my eyes are seeing better already. (that's a benefit of body-accessible greens, right?)

i was working on a set all day, armed only with fruit and water, and thankfully i was pretty close to buddha-full which i haven't been to in WAY TOO LONG. it's such a lovely place! i picked up some organic lives lemon macaroons (in mysterious + new boxed packaging - looks nice but why is a box necessary?) and sesame gaufrettes. i also got a "be green" (kale, lettuce, apple juice, lemon and banana) smoothie. YAY!

i felt a bit like an alien when i returned to work with my "seaweed bark" (er, raw gaufrette) and "that looks healthy!" green drink.

the highlight of today was when i ended up finishing reading "green for life". i was bursting with so much excitement over it and was going on about it to anyone looking somewhat willing to listen. the 2nd AD got super into the green smoothie concept as well. i'm sure she is starting tomorrow! we are both so excited to see what happens at the end of 30 days. i already know i'm going to continue this ^_^

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