Friday, April 6, 2012

second chance kale chips

jodie (@jodie54) posted an instagram of her rhythm superfoods kale chips and was raving about the texas bbq so much, i decided to give the brand another chance (unlike the kale chips by kaia - soon to be kaya - that have turned into gross weird discs! yuck!). i tried the rhythm kool ranch for the first time back in december when i found them in calgary and was not impressed.
these bbq ones, however, are super good! there seems to be more topping than kale for each "chip" but it is super flavourful and fresh-tasting and as comfort-food feeling as the bbq chips i remember!

i am even thinking i could give the ranch flavour another try! i'm grateful the bbq chips don't use cashews. that's one thing i have to be careful of when buying kale chips!

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