Friday, April 6, 2012

good friday good smoothie

today i had the privilege of green smoothie-ing it up with karl and emma! i'm anxiously waiting my vitamix parts and have been DYING to have a green smoothie again... and well, it feels like ages since i have seen emma... AND! karl has just moved here from TAIWAN!!! so there were many a good reason to do this smoothie collaboration.

this smoothie collab happened at karl's new place (with leanne and liam!) since there is a working vitamix there ^_^

today's smoothie is brought to you by:
-a papaya
-2 pears
-a handful of strawberries
-a handful of cilantro
-3 frozen bananas
-a squeeze of lemon? (correct me if i'm wrong, emma!)

no water or sugar added, just super fruit sweetness! yum!
happy good friday! ^_^

p.s. does anyone know where i can buy this amazing tea towel?! i love it!!! (*update* ahh, now that i've done some googling, i have found it! now, i just need to get it!)


  1. Correct! Awesome smoothie with a bit of fresh, organic lemon juice! =D
    We need to mix it up again soon- hehe. xoxoxo

  2. I bet you might be able to find those tea towels at rags 'n dishes on main + 27th(ish). They'd be super cheap there if they have them!

  3. ooh! i will have to look there! thanks, april! ^_^