Friday, April 6, 2012

no-dressing salad!

i was inspired after reading victoria boutenko's updated green for life to use less oils, nuts and seeds in effort to keep a better balance of omega-3s and 6s in my life. and really, it seems so much more natural, and less processed, to not use oils or at least use them SPARINGLY.
and well, i was also inspired to not rely on oils and vinegars so much for salad when my glass lunch containers started leaking out into my bag???! booo...
so.. salad then... what do you do? and you think explaining your vegan lunch in the staffroom is already mildly annoying (*cough* "where do you get your protein?" *cough*), try not having salad dressing! what an alien!
well, anyways, today's salad was a dream. lots of ingredients but so quick to assemble. and what were my oil and vinegar type things? raw sauerkraut and avocado! YES!!!
what i used:
*a handful of cut up parsley, stems and all
*sliced red cabbage
*sliced carrots
*diced fennel
*sliced radishes
*chopped basil
*diced avocado
*sliced up raw sauerkraut
*sliced beet

this is the kind of salad that keeps me super excited about lunch. and it's really my favourite lunch ever.
whenever people say they don't have time to eat raw or whatever, i have to ask what kind of time they spend making their meals, if they do. i can't help but feel that waiting in a line at subway or going out for lunch takes longer than making one of these guys! ^_^


  1. Thats great nat! Im the same i use no oils! Just get good fats from avocado and some nuts and seeds. Hemp flax chia! Anyways a dressing i make is ground fresh flaxseeds with apple cider vinegar organic dijon mustard some kelp powder and cayenne spice! I likey! Anyways good on ya girl your salad sounds good!...and less risky/possibly messy!

  2. thanks, em! i will have to try your dressing! ^_^